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12Comics Learning Support Program is an enrichment program dedicated to going to different schools and teaching students the joys of creative writing and comic book creation. 

The students began by creating a hero on a character creation generator, and then proceeded to write about the details and adventures of their hero. At the end of the program, the school and students would recieve bio-books about the characters of every participating student. 

My role in this organization was to create the design of the book, the trading card designs, as well as help teach the students about creative writing.

At the end of the program, each school would receive a book showcasing the completed work of the schools participants. The covers always featured the characters of the students, along with thanks to the companies involved in helping the program happen.

Ps277 Front Cover
Christopher- Green Sea Lake Monster

The interior pages

would offer visuals as well

as short biographies about the students characters

that were written during the duration of the course. The layouts were designed by

the artists of the team.

Some students never got finished their stories, so at times their page would either be left blank, or filled in by a senior staff member.

Mariella- Becky Storm
12 Comics Rulebook Page

Each book would usually finish by a promotion of the programs card game, to give motivation to the students

to work harder to be able to

see their character properly illustrated by a professional and enter into the card game, getting their very own trading card.

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