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A high performing advertising and marketing agency located in the heart of New York City. The gallery below showcases a few of the projects i worked on with them during my time as a Junior Designer at their company. With clients such as Dallas BBQ, Josh Cellars Wine, Tony Di Napoli's and more.

Luksusowa Vodka was a client of ours that had asked for a series of comic promotions featuring a manly-man doing manly-man things for a manly-mans drink.

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Luksusowa ManlyMan 83
Luksusowa ManlyMan 30
Dallas BBQ Catering Form
Dallas BBQ Catering Menu

A catering menu and

form done for the popular

local food chain, Dallas BBQ.

A dinner and lunch menu made for another favorite client of the agency, Tony Di Napoli's

Italian restaurant in NYC.

Tony's Di Napoli Afina Hotel Menu
Tony's Lunch Menu- Times Square
Gallo POS option4
Gallow POS option3

This point of service wine stand

was created as a pitch to

Gallo Wine Group for possible product placement in stores.

During the month of October, Hobnob Wines run special promotions for their annual Wicked Red Blend bottle. We were hired to create the social media campaign.

HobNob Spooky Cauldron
HobNob Pumpkin
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