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Aimed towards improving the marketing performances and public social conducts handled by schools across the country, Harmonize sent out a series of pitch decks of digital media created by a team of excellent designers, video editors, copywriters and visionaries to further the success of their notariety.

Working closely together with the head of the agency, we came to a concept for the Agency's logo, comprising a mix of the digital framwork's 1's and 0's, flowing together in harmony around a brain, signifying knowledge.


The Beauty Institute was another school pitched to. out main focus for this pitch was for digital redesign to try to help bolster their business.

Transparent Mockup v3.png
Transparent Web Mockup
Makeup Kit
Smock Mockup
Student Success Stories Mockup
Folder Mockup

Evergreen Beauty College was one of the first schools we pitched to for marketing and public relations services. We worked on creating renewed website comps and possible merch for current and future students.

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