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Originally the Smokehouse BBQ of Maplewood, NJ, head chef Trevon Woolford has been producing top notch brisket to his loyal customers since 2018. 

The projects worked for this business include branding and menus.

TBG Logo Full

After a decision to reboot, Smokehouse BBQ decided to rebrand itself when it was reopening in its new location under the new name, choosing to keep the iconic flame logo from the previous design, and labelled after a nickname he had acquired during his business experience.

The original logo for The Brisket Guy BBQ restaurant, the company decided to use this logo as its storefront in grand opening.

Heavily impressed with the flame in place of the "O" in the full logo, the restaurant asked for an abridged version of the logo simply featuring the flame itself to use as a quick display of branding.

Smokehouse BBQ Employee Logo
Smokehouse BBQ Flame
Full Menu 02
Memorial Day Menu

The first menu that would be used on their social media platform. It was a simple, short menu, but effective.

The restaurant chose to switch up the menu for the memorial day special, choosing to revert back to the old menu design, but adding new menu items.

For the Superbowl LIIV, the restaurant decided to open a special menu for the event featuring new menu items. The promotion here features American Football star Tom Brady after being transferred from the New England Patriots to the Buccaneers, a very controversial topic at this time for the sport.

The menus were featured for Instagram
posts and story.

SuperBowl Menu IG Story
SuperBowl Menu 2
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